7 Best Basketball Hoops for Toddlers and Kids in 2019

To get good at something you need to start early and put in the hours. By providing your kid or toddler a basketball hoop they will have a fun activity they can do during their free time. Basketball can provide them with new friends, fun and a new skill that they can take advantage off later on in their life.

I didn`t have a basketball hoop at my house until I was a young adult, but we lived very close to a schoolyard which had a basketball court. My friends and I used to go there every day, and I can’t remember much from my childhood, but that is something that will stick with me forever because it was so much fun and one of my favorite things to do during the day. That is why I think every home should have a kids basketball hoop.

Here are a few factors you should look into before you buy a basketball hoop for your kid or toddler:


Basketball hoop for kids

One of the most important things is safety. The material, breakaway rim, and stability are some of the things I will mention here and that you should keep in mind.

If you have a toddler or a small child your best bet is going with a plastic hoop, these are light and doesn’t do any damage if they tilt, or the child crashes into them. This basketball hoop (Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set) can be a great option if you are looking for such a hoop.

If your child is bigger and is looking for a robust basketball hoop, you should look into metal or fiberglass hoops, but remember that these can cause damage so make sure they are ready and understands the risks that come along with such a hoop.

When you are looking into bigger hoops made of stronger materials, the stability is a crucial factor to have in mind. Thicker and heavier hoop bases will result in more balance. The plastic hoops for smaller kids can tilt very quickly, but because of the lightweight materials, the kids won’t get hurt if they happened to be under the hoop.

The last thing I want to mention is the backboard material, make sure to choose hoops with unbreakable materials such as plastic. all the basketball hoops I have picked out include unbreakable backboard material and safe rims.

Cost and durability

kids basketball hoop

Kids and toddlers grow fast, very fast and that is why you need to consider what type of hoop you need to look into. By purchasing a small unadjustable basketball hoop the kids will outgrow it fast. I would advise you to go the route of studier materials and adjustable hoops if you know your kids can handle it safely.

By purchasing an adjustable hoop you will have the option to heighten the hoop continuously while they grow, that way you can keep the same basketball hoop for a longer time instead of purchasing several hoops throughout their childhood. Having a basketball hoop that is lower than your own height stops being entertaining after a certain age.

If you have the budget for it and you know your kids can use it safely, then I recommend you to look into the lifetime youth basketball hoop. It has a 10-gallon base, 5-year warranty and the height is adjustable from 5.5″ to 7.5″ feet.

What sand and how much sand to use for the base

I have seen a lot of people asking for which sand type and how much sand they should use for the basketball hoop.

Any sand will work, but I have found that play sand flows more smoothly. This is only a preference tho. Remember that it is only to add weight, you could even use rock (not recommended tho)

How much sand? All hoops have different sized bases, but my thumb rule is 6 LB sand per gallon of room. So, for example, the lifetime youth basketball hoop would need approximately 60 lbs of sand. You can easily see when you have filled the base with enough sand, but it’s nice to have some numbers so you can estimate the amount when you are at the store.

Use sand or water for the base?

A lot of hoops have the option to use both water and sand to add weight to the base. This is to increase the sturdiness and prevent it from falling over.

I recommend you to use sand because it doesn’t freeze in the winter. If the water freezes, it can expand, which can cause a crack in your base that can lead to leaks in the future.

The second reason is because of safety. If you get a crack in the basketball base the water will run out, and same does the sand, but the difference is that you will notice if its sand on the ground, but not always with the water.

So in a worst-case scenario with water, the hoop could fall over because of no weight in the base without you knowing it. You should be fine if you are using water as well, but keep in mind what I said and check the water level often to see if there are any sign of leakage.

Best Basketball Hoops for Kids and Toddlers Reviewed and Rated

Now when we have looked into the essentials parts of picking basketball hoops, let’s move on to the list. To save you time and research, I did the task of finding the best hoops for each age and situation and sort them into this list. I hope you like it. If there is anything you want me to add please let me know in the comment section, and I would be happy to add it in the article if it’s appropriate.

Basketball Hoop Set, 3 in 1 Sports

toddler basketball hoop

This is a diversified basketball hoop giving the toddlers the option either play basketball, soccer or throw rings. It’s adjustable from 2 to 4 feet which makes it ideal for small toddlers to up to 10-year-old kids.

with this hoop, you have the option to make use of the whole body which is a nice feature. Not only do they develop coordination skills in basketball. but soccer and throwing as well. With the basketball goal for toddlers, the soccer goal and the ring, you have a handful of sports which the kid can switch between if he gets bored of one or the other.

You have the option to fill it up with both sand and water, there are two small holes on the backside to use for this. The basketball hoop tolerates harsh weather as well so you can use it both inside and outside.

This is a fun hoop that provides a lot of options when it comes to fun activities to do at home, making it a great toy for any parent who wants to occupy their toddler for a while. The 3 in 1 toddler basketball hoop is very simple to set up and shouldn’t to you more than a couple of minutes. For this price, you couldn’t ask for much else than this hoop has to offer.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set – 3 Ball

basketball hoop for toddlers

The Little Tikes is a great toddler basketball hoop that can provide a lot of fun while remaining safe. If you have a small kid or a toddler, this is the one I would go with. It is very affordable and easy to set up. You have the option to put in the sand or water in the base as well to prevent it from tipping over. If it happened to tilt, it wouldn’t harm anyone either because of the light plastic material.

The Little Tikes comes with three basketball balls, so instead of the kids having to run around and collect the basketball for each shot, they have the option to stay put and shoot several balls in a row or share the hoop with friends.

The Little Tikes basketball hoop is height adjustable as well from 2 feet to 4 feet tall, which makes it ideal for toddlers and kids between the age of 1-6 years old.

The kids have the option to shoot and even dunk with this basketball hoop. With the distinct color differences its easy for the kids to see which parts to shoot at. This is one of kids best basketball hoop options out there.

Little Tikes Adjust and Jam Pro Basketball Hoop

Basketball hoop for 5 year olds

the Adjust and Jam pro takes over just were easy score left. It is adjustable from 4 to 6 feet. Like the easy score, this is made of plastic as well which makes it safe even if it falls over. The Adjust and Jam pro is the perfect second basketball hoop or the first if you have bigger kids.

Its equipped with a breakaway rim which can handle dunks and hard shots. The breakaway rim makes it harder to tilt the basketball hoop as well since it will dampen the energy of the dunk or shot. Combining this with the sturdy base you have a perfect basketball hoop for your kids to play with. You need to fill up the base with either sand or water to add weight, and the sand doesn’t come included, you can purchase it on amazon here.

This is a higher basketball hoop compared to the toddler hoops so make sure to take height calculations before you purchase it. If you have a backyard you can set it up there as well.

The Adjust and jam pro is a great basketball hoop for kids over two years old. It has five height adjustment levels making it a hoop that can last for a few years before your toddler or kid are ready to move on to more prominent hoops. You have everything needed in the kit, so the only thing you need to do is to fill it up with sand, set it up and let the fun begin!

Little Tikes Attach ‘n Play Basketball Set

basketball hoop for 6 year olds

As you can Little Tikes has some great basketball hoops for toddlers and kids, the Little Tikes is no exception. This kid basketball hoop saves you the trouble of filling up the base with sand or setting up the kit since the only thing you will need to do is to hook it on the door. This is a set that can be used for several years since you can adjust the height with a handle.

The benefit of having the hoop in the door is that it takes a lot less space and the hoop doesn’t tilt if its shot at or dunked on. The little Tikes hoop has a breakaway rim which allows your toddlers and kids to dunk as much as they want on it without it breaking.

You need to be careful where you attach the hoop, try to avoid doors beside stairs and try to not slam the door when it’s installed. This can lead to a broken hoop real fast.

Overall it’s a great starter kit to use for small places inside and a nice kit to get some experience in the game before you decide to upgrade to bigger hoops.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop W/ Ball

best basketball hoop for kids

Here is another very similar hoop, but even stronger and more durable than the Little Tikes. I have seen a lot of articles saying that this is a hoop for bigger kids, but I think this would be the perfect hoop for smaller kids and toddlers as well. Since it comes at the same price point I dont see any downside of getting a better hoop for your money that will last you for a longer time and give you a more realistic feel to the game.

I actually have a similar hoop in my office, so who knows, maybe it will last them for a lifetime? Naturally, you can’t have a regular sized basketball hoop in your house and that is why a lot of adults like me has a mini hoop in their home. They can bring a lot of joy and fun throughout the day. So if you are buying this basketball hoop for your toddler, I wouldnt be surprised if you started using the hoop as well.

The rim of the SKLZ is made of steel which makes it a lot more durable than its competitors which are utilizing soft plastic materials. The downside of this is that it can cause more damage if it falls down. If you are going to use this for a toddler or smaller kid make sure to attach it securely and in a safe place.

Lifetime Youth Basketball hoop

best basketball hoop for toddlers

When the toddlers are getting older they probably want a bigger hoop that can give the challenge they seek for. The lifetime youth basketball hoop is the perfect hoop for that. It is height adjustable from 5.5 to 7.5 feet if you have a big house or garage you can use it there, but it is designed to be used for the outdoors. It is rust and weather resistant so you can leave it in your backyard without it decreasing its longevity.

If it happened to break you have a 5-year warranty to back you up if anything were to go wrong. The hoop is made of metal and the backboard is made of steel which means it will last you for a long time!

The base can be filled with both sand and water. Having the option to fill it up with water is always a bonus since it can save you a lot of mess because of the sand. The base is 10 gallons which you should give you more than enough weight to keep the hoop steady.

Remember what I mentioned earlier in this article that the water can freeze or leak out of the base. So use sand if you can. You can use sandbags as well to lay over the base. This way you can just remove the sandbags when you decide to move the hoop somewhere else.

The hoop does not come with a ball, but a regulare sized spalding ball works perfectly for the hoop so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Lifetime is a big brand within the hoop community and their hoops are always well built and this hoop is no exception. It’s a great basketball hoop and a next step after the little tikes hoops.

Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop 

Basketball hoop

If your son or girl has outgrown the Lifetime youth basketball hoop the next step would be the lifetime portable basketball hoop. This takes over just where the lifetime youth left off. This hoop is adjustable from 7.5 to 10 feet and has a 44-inch backboard which is visually unbreakable.

The base is 28 gallons which means you will need about 160 pounds of sand to fill it up. Filling it up won’t give you any problems if you want to move it around because it’s attached with wheels which makes it very easy to move. As you can see it has a lot more potential weight the youth basketball hoop, this makes it more sturdy and decreases the shakiness after each shot.

I haven’t owned this hoop myself, but I have talked to a few people that have and they said it holds up really well. After a year of rain and sun, they couldn’t see any sign of miscoloring, loose bolts, leaks or any of that kind. After hearing that I can confidently say that this is a hoop where you get fairly priced hoop for your money.

It offers the same warranty as to the other lifetime hoops, a 5-year warranty which should more than enough to check if it holds up to its promises. This still isn’t a high-end/professional basketball hoop, but for a recreational player, it should be perfect. If you want to look into more expensive and higher-end basketball hoops you could check out this article Best in-ground basketball hoops.


I hope this list of best toddler basketball hoops made your decision easier. As you can see, this list has a progression which takes you kid from a toddler to a full grown basketball hoop. Starting with the toddler basketball hoop 3-1 sports, little tikes adjust and yam pro and lifetime youth basketball hoop. The next step from there would be a regular sized basketball hoop.

Upgrading when the time comes gives the kid a content challenge where he can further develop his eye coordination, balance and skills. After this timeline you will have a pro basketball kid who is ready to counter the world and climb the ranks in the NBA league to get claim his professional contract for his efforts.