The 11 Best Portable Basketball Hoops in 2020

Budget Option
Lifetime Height Adjustable Portable Basketball...
Premium Choice
Spalding The Beast 60" Glass Portable Basketball...
Best Overall
Spalding 54 Inch NBA Glass Backboard Portable...
Budget Option
Lifetime Height Adjustable Portable Basketball...
Premium Choice
Spalding The Beast 60" Glass Portable Basketball...
Best Overall
Spalding 54 Inch NBA Glass Backboard Portable...

This article will help you to find the best portable basketball hoop. There are several manufacturers producing portable basketball hoops making the task of finding the best a lot harder. That is why I have put together a list of the best portable basketball hoops out there with detailed information on each to make it simpler and quicker for you to find what you need.

In this blog post, we will go through everything you need to know before buying a basketball hoop along with a list of some of the top-rated portable basketball hoops available on the market. 

Here’s a Quick Look at Some of the Best Portable Basketball Hoop: Our Top Contenders

In this section of the blog post, we will go through some of the best portable basketball hoops available to buy on the market and review each of them in detail to help you figure out which one’s the best for your needs. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop

Lifetime Height Adjustable Portable Basketball...
  • 44" Impact backboard is virtually unbreakable.
  • Telescoping mechanism adjusts from 7.5 to 10-Feet...
  • 27-Gallon base fills with water or sand and rolls...
  • All-weather resistant, deigned to withstand the...
  • 18-Inch black solid steel rim with 1/2-Inch steel...

Lifetime is one of the most reputable sports companies that create high-quality and highly innovative products. This portable basketball hoop is one of the best that you’d find on the market. 

Telescoping Adjustment Pole

You can adjust the rim height according to your needs, and it’s easier to do so thanks to the telescoping adjustment pole! You can easily adjust the height from 7.5 ft to 10 ft without any problems. If you’ve got kids, this is probably one feature that you’d love. 

Weather Resistant

Most portable basketball hoops on the market aren’t resistant to weather, which means that they’re prone to which shortens their lifespan. But, the Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop is resistant to all weather conditions. 

High-Quality Materials

You can trust Lifetime to use nothing but the best to create their products. This basketball hoop is constructed from powder-coated steel and high-density polyethylene to ensure durability. 



Does not rust as it is coated with powdered steelIt is easy to adjust its heightAll-weather resistantMobile as it has wheels that facilitate its mobilityRequires reinforcement to support the hoopIt is difficult to assemble the hoop

Bottom line:  It is not only a perfect selection for adults, but children also love it because of its durability, portability, and longevity.

2. Spalding Pro Slam Portable NBA 54″ Angled Pole Backboard Basketball System 

Spalding brand hoops have been on the lookout to improve their products. For their customer’s sake. Take, for instance, this Spalding Pro slam portable basketball system is not only a budget-friendly basket hoop but also features incredible attributes in comparison to other Spalding hoops.

Supportive Pole

Everything about the pole is specifically placed to help in the overall function of the hoop. To begin with, is the extra height lift system that provides for height adjustments from 7.5 feet to 10 feet seamlessly. The hoops height grows with the user’s height and can be used by various players with varying heights comfortably.

Authentic Rebounds

It is fitted with a 54-inch transparent polycarbonate backboard, that facilitates effortless bounces. 
Suitable for learners or experts.

Fillable Supportive Base 

You can add some extra support for the hoop by filling this 34-gallon plastic base with water, sand or cement for permanent fill.
It ensures the hoop is stable throughout all the seasons of play. 

The core does not leak, and in line with that, the base has high-quality wheel strong enough to support the filled base.
In the case you use water and san for filling, you can empty the base for seamless mobility between different locations, especially after use.


The sturdy steel frame supports the hoop and backboardAdjustable height for easy maneuverabilityTilted/ angled pole for ease of playSimple to assembleFairly weather resistant

Bottom line: it stands out as one of the Spalding brand hoops, that boasts of a pole angle of 20 degrees. Specifically meant for on-shoot scorers.

3. Lifetime Portable Basketball System

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable...
  • Your purchase includes One Lifetime 1269 Portable...
  • Portable hoop system dimensions: Background size...
  • Telescoping height adjustment mechanism adjusts...
  • 44" Shatterproof Fusion backboard is design with a...
  • Fade Resistant Graphics; 3-Piece steel pole is...

Coming from the home of the world-renowned Lifetime basketball hoops is the Lifetime Portable basketball system.

It is one of the timeless hoops suitable for the best basketball goals in the market. As innovative as it is, it is the best quality of hoop that is not only portable but also durable.

Freestanding base 

It is designed with a substantial duty base that not only supports the pressure off, of the hoop.

In addition to that, the freestanding supportive base is portable use it on the driveway, at your camp wherever you want to play.

NBA backboard size

With a backboard measuring 72 inches by 42 inches get the professional basketball playing experience.

This NBA backboard size gives you professional feel. In addition to that, it permits angled floaters and simple layups.

Adjustable pole height

A stable basketball hoop plays an important part in your overall basketball experience. Most of today’s basketball hoops have an adjustable height.

However, uniquely, this one uses a screw jack adjustment system, which is easy to use for children and adults. 

Unlike the other hoops use telescope system that cheap, and tedious in adjusting the pole’s height.


Simple to put up and set up, sturdy frame and backboard, Easy maneuverability because of its incredible height range, Visible graphics, and cool colors of the backboards making it visible for play during the day and nightSusceptible to breakage, if one uses evaporating materials to fill the base after prolonged use, the base leaks thus affecting its long term productivity, small filler holes in the base, making it tedious to fill before playing

Bottom line: if you are looking out for a medium-priced hoop, that can be used for your kids as they start playing basketball. It makes an incredible beginner hoop!

4. Giantex 10FT Portable Basketball Hoop Adjustable Height

The Giantex 10FT is one of the beginner-friendly basketball systems because of its compactness. 

Additionally, it is fitted with wheels at the base that facilitates seamless movements. 

In line with that, and you can adjust its height so that you all can have fun. While at it, the hoop has a four-pole support system that guarantees its compactness even under immense play pressure.


This Giantex portable hoop boasts of more extensive life experience. 

As the backboard’s frame is unbreakable even under high impact as steel is used to make the frame.

Weatherproofed Body

The Giantex basketball hoop is suitable for both indoors and outdoors as it is made with powder-coated steel. 

It prevents development rust in wet environments and dries out of the frame in hot climates. 

You can play in whatever weather without worrying about its functionality and life span.

Standard Rim

Typically, the standard size of a professional basketball rim diameter is 18 inches. 

While this one’s diameter is 17.7 inches, 0.3 inches lesser from the professional rim, therefore you can boast of having a professional hoop for play as you get the same experience from it.


It has the broadest range of heights in the telescoping height adjusting systems It is fitted with two wheels, which aids in movement and supporting the metallic frame, Suitable for light and medium games, Quite easy to assembleHoop net rots over time board screws loosen over timeUnsuitable in four-season play

Bottom line: If you are looking forward to saving money and play some incredible basketball, this will make an astonishing choice. As it is sturdy, durable, and an excellent opportunity for starters.

5. Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable

Lifetime 90040 Height Adjustable Portable...
  • Base Dimensions: 43.2" x 30". x 6.5" | Backboard...
  • Impact backboard is constructed of High Density...
  • 3 pc. Round pole attaches to heavy duty portable...
  • Classic rim with an all-weather nylon net
  • For indoor and outdoor use

If you are in search of a portable basketball hoop, then your search comes to an end. 

As the Lifetime 900400 height adjustable portable basketball system is not only compact but a hoop with an adjustable height for various lengths suitability. Moreover, it is resistant to all damages that come with multiple weather damages such as rust and wear outs. 

You will love this one as it has incredible features.

Works Well—Even in the Rainy Season

This particular hoop has gained popularity over time because its specially designed with a nylon net that doesn’t soak up in the rain does not wither out in the cold. 

Additionally, the frame is stainless steel, and will not rust. 

In line with that; the sturdy frame is usable in hot or cold environments without affecting its functionality and durability.

Strong and Supportive Base

Are you in search of a supportive base in a basketball hoop? 

The Lifetime 900400 has a fillable base that is fillable with sand or water and emptied after play. The bottom offers a great supplement in support of the overall sturdiness of the hoop.


Portable in nature, making it easy to move from place to place, It has an adjustable height making it suitable for children as well as adultsAlways visible backboard graphics over the yearsLack of breakaway spring support on the rim makes the hoop unsuitable for dunkingConstant vibration on the plastic backboards, causes “dead balls,” during bank shots

Bottom line: If you are a dad who is looking out, to teach their kids about basketball skills such as shooting, this is an excellent selection. As it not only offers durability but all the other essential features suitable for fantastic family games.


6. Lifetime Height Adjustable Basketball System

Lifetime 71524 XL Height Adjustable Portable...
  • Steel-Framed Acrylic Backboard | Fade-Resistant...
  • Pole size – 4” | Adjustment range – 7.5 ft....
  • 54-inch pro-look backboard made of sturdy Makrolon...
  • Durable in-ground basketball goal designed for...
  • Blow-molded backboard frame pad for protection |...

The Lifetime Height Adjustable Basketball system is a perfect solution for seasoned players and beginners. 

Easy to move and fitted with an adjustable rim as high as 10 feet high as long as you are comfortable. 

It is a combination of durability and compactness. 

The backboard is made using the polycarbonate and supported by a steel frame making it weather resistant and durable.

Fade-resistant Graphics

You’ve got to see where you are shooting to avoid losing the potential winning shot. 

Thus the backboard is well calibrated using graphics that do not fade over sunshine or run over by water in the rainy season. In line with that, the backboard is made using large glass style that plays a role in preventing rattling occurrences.

Adjustable Rim Height

As much as most of the hoops in the market today have a flexible height mechanism, and they can cost more. 

However, this hoop the height is not only adjustable but also secure to stand the pressure.

Sturdy Hoop

As somebody who has tried playing basketball, a sturdy pole is quite essential. 

This specific hoop is supported by sturdy pole measuring 3.5 inches in diameter, that gives it stability necessary for the professional experience. 

Notable the hoop features a supportive pole measuring 6 inches by 8 inches that eliminates any possible wobbling, especially on unstable grounds. 

You can dunk on this hoop comfortably without missing a shot.

Portable hoop base, Adjustable pole height, Excellent quality backboardTedious in setting up the tubes

Bottom line: As a whole, this basketball hoop, has received praises on its overall construction, durability, and stability. Nevertheless, for that price, others find is pricey in comparison to other basket hoops in this category.

7. Silverback NXT Portable Height

Silverback NXT 50" Backboard Portable...
  • INCREASED REBOUND - Infinity Edge Backboard that...
  • EASILY MOVE THE GOAL - ErgoMove wheel-barrow...
  • ULTRA-FAST ASSEMBLY - Assembles in 90-minutes or...
  • HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE - 7.5’ to 10' height...

If you are on the lookout for an upgrade on your basketball hoop, the silverback NXT Portable height might be what you are looking for in a hoop. 

It is portable, requires little to no maintenance.

 Even with the adjustable height, the hoop is a worthy investment. Focus more on the play and make the most out of this hoop as a result of its incredible features.

best basketball shoes

It has a base size that is small in size and suitable for small spaces. 

It measures 62 inches by 32 inches, which reduces the amount of space it occupies on your property. 

In line with that, the base’s steel-on-steel connection protects the premature or long term wear and tear. 

The core is also, hollow for you to add some reinforcement such as water and sand to prevent the shaking and falling of the hoop during play. The base is supported by well-constructed wheels, that not only supports but also assist in the mobility of the hoop around.

best basketball shoes

Uniquely, this basketball hoop is light in its overall weight. 

In total the hoop weighs 79.39 kgs, right before you add any amount of water or sand to the base. It keeps the basketball goal up all through, without possible tipping over. 

That’s a plus for this hoop. 

It also makes it easier to carry, on the back of your track to long distances without any problem.


When it comes to any basketball hoops, be it professional hoops or recreational hoops of the most significant pain points is the time it takes to put it up. 

For some, it takes up to several hours to set it up, as some lacking clarity in the instructions while others are over complicated. 

With this one, it takes at least 90 minutes to set-up and takes less time than the rest.


It is light in weight thus portable, The pole frame extends to the base, thus balancing the hoop giving a stable profile the backboard design stands out as it is made from acrylics enhancing the performance of the board has a broad base that increases its ground stabilityFor that amount of price, the customer deserves rim of a higher quality

Bottom line: No doubt this, silverback brings some uniqueness that is incomparable to other basketball hoops. Reason being it has the best balance, with the fastest assembly time.

8. Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball System

No products found.

Coming from the home of incredible basketball hoops this Spalding 66291 Pro slam portable basketball system, is no exception from their incredible products. 

To begin with, the acrylic backboard 54 inches and is framed using steel that guarantees durability. 

Additionally, it also has a fillable gallon base with a capacity of 34 liters that one can fill using sand or water for stability purpose of the hoop.

Shatterproof Backboard

The backboard is made from acrylic material, which is shatterproof and allows users to create real and rebound shots. 

In line with that, the backboard measures 54 inches by 32 inches, slightly bigger than other backboards in this sale bracket. 

Additionally, it is padded to increase its thickness to 3.5mm, and the padding adds protection on the backboard preventing breakages. 

Furthermore, it has an NBA logo on it, to give an impression of professionally in play. It also provides user confidence that the product is of high quality and has been granted accreditation by the national basketball association.

Breakaway Rim

Spalding has a way of providing their clients with exactly what they ask for in a hoop. 

In this case, is the breakaway rim, that is specially made to contain emphatic dunks, making it a unique hoop. 

The breakaway rim makes sure that the backboard does not tip over despite numerous dunks. Apart from that, it has an all-weather net that is suitable for different weathers.

The acrylic material used in the backboard is of high quality. The hoop’s rim allows for a  breakaway dunks, without breaking the rim, It has an angled pole for ease of play and more stabilityNet is suitable for all weathersThe hoop’s pole is not suitable for all weathers, The backboard is susceptible to scratches

Bottom line: Overall, the Spalding pro slam is an incredible choice for its price. It is also packed with features that work collaboratively to enhance your basketball playing experience.

9. Spalding Pro-Tek Basketball System

Spalding 54 Inch NBA Glass Backboard Portable...
  • Board size: 54 Inch x 32 Inch
  • Tempered glass board
  • Arena Slam breakaway rim
  • 7.5 feet to 10 feet height adjustment; screw jack...
  • Base fills with 40 gallons of water or sand

Take your game to the next level using this Spalding Pro-Tek- basketball system as it fitted with a full glass backboard supported by a 1-inch steel frame. 

One of its kind in this category. 

Apart from that, the tempered glass 25 inches thick is suitable for impressive rebounds as well as professional play. 

Here is more about the Spalding Pro-Tek basketball system.

Base Stability

Any base whose size is around 37 gallons is perfectly fit most of the basketball hoop activities that include usage, playability, and portability functions. 

This hoop’s support is 40-gallon. It is the definition of stability of the hoop despite a heavy glass board.

Adjustable Height

Experience effortless height adjustment as the hoop is utilizing the screw jack mechanism. 

Even though the basketball hoop is denser, it does not affect height adjustment. It also makes carrying the hoop around easier as you can reduce the height to move it without changing its functionality.

Easy to Slide and Connect

It is one of the easiest basketball hoops to set up. 

It is as simple as reading the instructions and identifying all the connection joints from the manual. It should take you an hour tops to set it up, without seeking for expensive installation professionals.

Easy to adjust, Made of high-quality material,  exterior weatherproof material, and excellent valueGlass backboard is susceptible to breakage, The height adjuster, bends the poles thereby loosening the hoop

Bottom line: It is one of the portable hoops with a glass fit on the backboard. It not only gives you a professional experience but also guarantees durability over time.


10. Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System

Spalding The Beast 60" Glass Portable Basketball...
  • 60 inch BACKBOARD: The first and only 60 inch...
  • PRO IMAGE RIM: Steel pro image rim come with an...
  • SCREW JACK: Screw jack list system allows the...
  • POWER MOVE BASE: Power Move Base fill with 55...
  • STEEL POLE: 5 inch Square Pole

With a customer rating of 9.5/10  the Spalding NBA “the beast” portable basketball system, is not your usual premium basketball hoop: it has features that work together, towards your overall experience while using the hoop. 

First, the base design facilitates stability as it is fillable; this design also supports the pole that houses the backboard. 

Heavy-duty Backboard

Think of its backboard; think about an NBA basketball system.

 It offers a 60-inch backboard. 

That is tempered glass, with an image breakaway rim. It is ¼ inches in thickness and made with the same quality of tempered glass used to make ones used in NBA.  

In comparison to its rivals, this tempered glass material used is higher in quality with regards to those made using acrylics and polycarbonate material. To add to the icing of the cake, it is the only residential basketball hoop that offers this kind of backboard glass thickness.

Stable Pole

It is designed with a 5-inch two-piece squared pole that is screwed at the bottom of the base cap. In line with that, it is fitted with four struts that add more support to the pole for the stability of the hoop. 

Professionals in this area recommend, use square poles rather than circular poles because they provide more stability. 


Apart from the stability, it has wheels attached to the base’s hoop facilitating smooth movement.

 As soon as one pulls the inset cover, the rollers immediately come into action. 

In addition to igniting the roller into action, doubles up as a rebounder during playtime and a handle to drag the hoop before and after use. Moreover, the hoop utilizes the multi-wheels design that allows the movement of the hoop in any direction.

The broad base design is suitable for the overall support of the basketball system.50” square pole that holds the backboard firmly.Suitable for large driveways.Most extensive gallon base of 58+ capacity for stabilityWheels are unsuitable for uneven surfaces.Base susceptible to leakages.

Bottom line: Try out this top rated basketball hoop as it matches up to various needs of any basketball player for residential users.

11. Lifetime 52 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop System

Lifetime 1558 52 Inch Portable Basketball System
  • Action Grip adjustment mechanism easily adjusts...
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate backboard playing...
  • Heavy duty classically styled rim is built to take...
  • Frame is powder coated with a rust resistant...
  • The 3 pc. 3.5 in. round steel pole is protected...

The Lifetime 52-inch portable basketball hoop system is one of the best hoops in this category. 

As its XL, the heavy-duty base supports the ultimate weight of the hoop. 

In line with the support, is the arms extension that also plays a role. It also features a steel frame that holds the backboard in position.

Xl Portable Base

Uniquely, it is one of the hoops with exceptional large-sized mobile support. 

That not only ensures stability but also provides for a sturdy pole that goes hand in hand with holding the backboard against all the odds.

Durable backboard

What if you try to score and the ball shatters the backboard with your first experience? Can you imagine the damage and disappointment?

 With the Lifetime, the backboard is designed with a blow-molded frame pad that provides for maximum durability.

Value for Money


All we want is to save an extra coin wherever we can without worrying about the quality of the product. 

The Spalding provides the users with exactly what they need in a hoop as this hoop is efficient, durable, and stable.

Easy to assembleThe basketball hoop is very easy to transportThe backboard has a padded frame that is responsible for its safety and durabilityUse of polycarbonate backboards is unresponsive thus poor or no reboundsThe exposed springs are prone to rust as they are not covered

Bottom line: It is an excellent choice for money as it is not only sturdy but pretty easy to lower it to 7 feet for the little guys and rise as high as 10ft for the taller adults.





Here are a Few Things You Need to Look Out For! 

Best portable basketball hoop

Before we jump into the list I want to provide you with a few checkpoints you need to look into before you decide on which basketball hoop you should purchase.

Size of the Play Area

Before you buy a huge portable basketball hoop you should consider if you have enough space. If you have a big backyard then that wont be an issue, but if you are planning to use it in the garage for you need to take measurements to be sure it will fit.

You need to take into count the overhand, backboard, the base and the pole when you are calculating the required space. I will try my best to include these in every product making it easier for you to decide on one that can fit where you want it.

What Kind of Player Are You? 

You need to figure out what you need before you decide which hoop you should buy. If you are a beginner you wont necessarily need a 72″ inch backboard, but maybe something smaller and cheaper.

On the other hand, if you are a professional or seasoned player you dont want to purchase something thats to different from the hoops you face in your games either. You should expect to invest more if you are looking into these kinds of portable basketball hoops. These hoops usually has 60-72 inch backboard and are equipped with thicker and sturdier pole and base to decrease the shaking and rattling after each shot or dunk.

A Quick Look at the Backboard Materials: What’s the Best for your Needs? 

Basketball hoop basketball hoop outside

Apart from the size and skill set knowledge, it is essential that you pay attention to the backboard material. 

Usually, the material used in the making in the backboard is graphite, polyethylene acrylic, and polycarbonate.

The different materials have a specifically targeted users. 

These materials have their distinct advantages, and disadvantages.

Graphite and Polyethene Backboards

Graphite and polyethylene materials make backboards for children. Reason being it is plastic and are the cheapest basketball hoops in the market. 

Although it is plastic, it is durable and most preferred by parents. 

However; it has the worst rebound effect. When you throw the ball, it drops dead as soon as it hits the backboard which is not very good. Everyone wants a perfect rebound! 

Overall, its a great backboard material for those who are just looking for a cheap basketball hoop to play with now and then.

Acrylic Backboards

Acrylic backboards are more classy as they provide a more explicit playing surface. 

Suitable for beginners, although intermediate users can also use the backboards.

Acrylic is a clear plastic material. In regards to being a backboard material, it is softer than tempered glass and safe from any occurrences such as stone throwing or any other vandalism as the balls or stone will bounce back any damage. 

Even though it is not susceptible to breakage, it does not produce any quick ball response you get to experience with tempered glass. 

Apart from that, acrylic is vulnerable to scratches. 

Let’s Talk About the Rim!

Apart from the basketball hoop, the basketball rims are also one of the essential elements in any basketball game.

After all, how do you get to score in basketball? 

You have to throw the ball through the rim into the net to score.

As one of the essentials, you need to know that there are two types of rims or rather kinds, namely the breakaway rim and the fixed rim.

Understanding, the difference between the two is the deal breaker as you will be able to make the right choice.

The standard size of a rim acceptable by NBA should measure a diameter of 18 inches for professional or recreational use. An 18-inch diameter provides plenty of room for movement of the ball through the net comfortably. 

Apart from that, the standard thickness of a rim should be between 5-inch and 8-inch although it can measure more if one chooses the double rim option if available.

In these modern times, manufacturers are equipping hoops with either spring- loaded rims or breakaway rim. 

The springs might be exposed or not. 

The rims who spring are enclosed stand a better chance of living longer. 

In comparison to rims who’s springs are out there everywhere. They are at risk of rust, as a result of wet environments or dry out as a result of hot climates. 

You will notice that basketball hoops whose rims have enclosed springs are a bit pricier in comparison to rims whose springs are uncovered.

A Quick Peek at Fixed Rims

Basketball game in door

It is a rim that is stationary and supported by reliable steel braces. 

Fixed rims are designed for users to take on straight shots, without hanging onto the edge. It is a perfect solution for players who do not have any intention of touching the hoop net. 

This type is usually used in casual basketball games, recreational facilities and sometimes if lucky can find their way into the junior league.

However, because of its statutory nature, the fixed rim is unsuitable for dunkers. 

Reason being, as you dunk, the ball may not only damage the rim and the backboard you risk being hurt by the ball.

Let’s Talk About Breakaway Rims!

Say you are 5 feet tall and you can only jump slightly over 10 inches, the breakaway rim is the most suitable option for you. 

In layman’s language, the breakaway rim slightly separates itself from the backboard once you throw the ball towards the rim. 

It acts as a protector for the backboard against breakage and rim breakage if one hangs on it after scoring. It remains fit, for weights up to 200lb.

How does it work? 

Once the ball hits the rim, it breaks away the force from the throw on the backboard for additional protection. In line with the design, the breakaway rim protects the players from injuries that may arise during playtime.

Even though the breakaway rim is a little bit pricier, it finds its usage in advanced basketball games: Such as professional college basketball or tournament environments. 

Apart from that, the breakaway rim comes a great way of preventing rim replacements in case of aggressive play. 

You might also note that some breakaway rims, are flexible and can break away from any direction or angle.this flexibility guarantees counter’s any disasters emanating from a side dunk of a player who is opening to try out new styles and dunks.

As you look out for the type of rim, we think you should also look into whether the basketball package includes the appropriate mounting hardware that will aid in the process of setup.

Other Essentials Things to Keep in Mind

Apart from the base and the hoop, you need to also figure out about the other essentials.


How much space/room do you have for basketball’s support?

As a requirement, you need to sit down and think about where will you place the hoop once you bring it home. 

You need to look out the space it will occupy from the front and the back of the base. For instance, for small sized hoops, some extra feet will be required. 

However, if the usage of the hoop is for an indoor setup: you might need more space.

In the case of hoops used for tournaments or competition: note: during setup, there is a  regulation distance that needs to be maintained, i.e., the gap between the backboard and the baseline. 

It is mandatory to maintain this distance. 

It is usually between five and six feet. Therefore, one needs to need to consider the space requirements before purchasing a portable basketball hoop.


As much as the other essentials are essential, the net is one of the other must-have for any basketball hoop. 

You need to ask yourself if you are purchasing a net should it be attached on the backboard or not. 

Is it adjustable, that you can fix at whatever height is suitable for you?

Take an adjustable net; for instance, it is suitable for children of ages who are going to grow learning basketball. 

Therefore if you bought it while they were six years, and now they are eight years, the net should move together with their heights to improve their learning skills. 

Fixed nets are limited to a single height, thus limited for use during the growth phases of these children. Or cannot be used by either adults and children at the same time. It could be too high for children or too low for the adults making the game boring.

For a start, we recommend a net whose stand is flexible and not one that is attached to the backboard to a wall.

Additionally, look out for the materials used to make the nets. 

Nylon is suitable as it is weatherproof, does not break and you can find them in the market quite quickly. Apart from that, one can use the chain link net. These are preferable because they have a longer life span compared to the nylon nets. 

However, if you expose them to wet environments, they rust.


Are you willing to buy an inground hoop or a portable one? 

Take a look at the kind of pole it uses. Round poles are suitable for mobile and smaller inground basketball hoops. A round pole is unsuitable for dunking as it is made from multiple pieces. 

We also have square poles that, by far, are the most stable poles. 

It is made of steel and other components that support heavier backboards as well as prevent vibrations and shaking. 

Suitable for dunks.

Summing Up: The Best Portable Basketball Hoop

We love all the basketball hoops that we have discussed in this blog post. 

However, the Spalding “Beast” portable system is our choice for the ultimate mobile basketball system in the market. It is our top-rated because of a couple of factors.

To start us off is the design, i.e., base handle, the angled support pole, and removable wheels.

Secondly is the features: they include the breakaway rim and tempered glass backboard.

Thirdly is the overall stability of the hoop.

All these three combined bring out the best of the hoop towards your overall experience.

Thus if you are looking for a basketball hoop that is less expensive but matches up with the incredible quality, then take a closer look at this Spalding 60″ Portable Basketball System.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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