The 13 Best basketball socks in 2020 [ Review]

Best Overall
Nike Elite Versatility Crew Adult Basketball...
Premium Option
NIKE Unisex Dry Elite 1.5 Crew Basketball Socks (1...
Budget Option
Best Overall
Nike Elite Versatility Crew Adult Basketball...
Premium Option
NIKE Unisex Dry Elite 1.5 Crew Basketball Socks (1...
Budget Option

Well, no one really gives a pair of socks much thought before putting them on and going about their daily business.

But, when it comes to sports, especially a fiercely competitive one like that of basketball, you need to carefully consider what you wear.

And, if you didn’t know this already, then you’d definitely be surprised to learn how a pair of basketball socks can affect your performance on the court.

Basketball socks are specially designed to provide maximum support and flexibility to your feet during matches, along with keeping them immensely comfortable throughout.

Hey, I’m Chris, and even though I’m a cartographer by profession, my love for basketball goes back for as long as I can remember.

Coming across just the right pair of basketball socks had, in fact, been a game-changer for me, improving my performance by leaps and bounds (literally).

And that’s why I’m gonna discuss some of the best basketball socks for you in the following guide, to help you up the score-card right now.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Best Basketballs socks to try right now

1. Nike Elite Versatility Crew Basketball Socks – Best Basketball Socks Overall

Nike Elite Versatility Crew Adult Basketball...
  • Features ventilation zones in key areas to keep...
  • Footstrike-specific cushioning aligns with...
  • Nike support system wraps ankle in 360-degree...
  • Sock Size: Small= Shoe Size: Women's 4-6, Kids'...

The game of basketball can get increasingly intense and competitive by the second, and that really requires all your focus and balance on the court. And, the Elite Versatility Crew Basketball Socks from Nike is meant for occasions when things get really rough during matches.

Made from an incredibly enduring fabric, these socks mainly cater to all the pressure points on your sole, ensuring an incredible grip and balance throughout the game-play.

My Experience

The Versatility Crew Basketball Socks from Nike is another model from the brand’s Elite range, similar to the previous model I reviewed for you. I was suggested to use this model by one of my team-mates. And I couldn’t have been more impressed by the performance it has since delivered.

These socks are made using a blended fabric base consisting of nylon, cotton, polyester, and Spandex that makes them highly durable. You do not have to worry about the socks running a rip anywhere, even during those hectic sprints and tussles for the ball, or the crashes that may come with them.

But, for me, the winning features of this pair are the superior 360 degrees ankle support system and the “Footstrike Cushioning”. Nike’s patented ankle-wrap comes with a precise anatomical left and right construction that provides an ideal fit for you. This makes sure that there is no slipping or sliding of the socks inside your shoes, which lets you focus and move confidently on the court. The socks also feature a dynamic arch band, which contributes to the overall flexibility of its weave and results in a secure fit for you.

Additionally, the footstrike-cushioning texture of the socks provides the utmost comfort and grip to the heels and metatarsal pads of your foot. It helps you achieve proper balance for jumping high to score a basket.

What could have been better?

Well, I personally do not have much to complain about these Nike elite socks. However, the texture of the fabric may feel a tad bit too thick to some players. And even though it contributes to the durability of the socks, it can feel a bit stuffy for those who prefer a thinner fabric for socks.



  • Highly durable fabric blend resists rips and tears even during competitive game-play
  • 360 degrees ankle-wrap provides a structured anatomical fit
  • Footstrike cushioning ensures maximum comfort for the footpads
  • Ventilation zones in the socks wick sweat, keeping it comfortable for you.


  • Can feel a bit thick to some

2. Nike Men’s Basketball Crew 1 – Budget Option

  • Vendor Name: NIKE
  • Style No: SX4801-002
  • Material : Polyester/Nylon/Cott

When it comes to sports-gear, Nike is one name we can put all our trust in. The brand has performed superiorly since its launch as long back as the ’60s, ensuring high-grade quality for each of its products.

And, the Basketball Crew 1 socks is definitely one of the top-selling basketball foot-gears for excellent reasons. Featuring a Dri-Fit fabric and durably woven rib cuffs, the pair helps you achieve just the right balance and comfort on the court, letting you leap high for a definite score.

My Experience

I have been playing basketball since the age of 16. And, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about this sport, it is, to always get your footwear right. With experience, I did learn that the kind of socks you wear on the court can have an immense impact on your overall performance. Because if your socks don’t provide even cushioning to the soles and heels of your feet, it doesn’t take much time to lose your balance while going for the basket.

And this is where these socks from Nike deliver amazingly well, ensuring a secure grip and equal compressive pressure on your soles and heels. These are made using premium-grade nylon that makes it extremely durable. In fact, it is specifically designed to keep your feet in a comfortable position during intense matches without running a tear anywhere.

These socks come with a “Footstrike Cushioning” feature that specifically provides the most comfort and balance for the pads on your sole, such as the frontal (metatarsal) pad and heels. These parts are responsible for lifting you up during jumps and cutting on the impact when you land back on your feet. So, you can understand how these socks work when it comes to making those leaps to the basket.

Another thing that I really like about these socks is their ability to wick away sweat fast, keeping your feet comfortable during games. Nike’s Dri-Fit comfort fabric ensures complete evaporation of moisture from your feet, preventing bacterial growth, which can otherwise cause malodor and irritation.

What could have been better?

Although the Nike Men’s Basketball Crew 1 socks perform exceptionally well for competitive games, I wish the pricing was a bit on the affordable side.

Also, these socks may feel a bit bigger for the average size. It goes on really well for bigger feet such as mine; but anything less than a size 10 may require a tighter fit.



  • Provides proper compressive pressure and cushioning for the soles and heels
  • Manages a balance during leaps
  • Ensures fast sweat-wicking for keeping your feet cool and comfortable
  • Can be easily machine-washed


  • Can be a bit loose for smaller feet
  • May be expensive

3. Nike Dry Elite 1.5 Crew Basketball Socks – Premium Quality

NIKE Unisex Dry Elite 1.5 Crew Basketball Socks (1...
  • Dri-FIT Technology helps keep feet dry and...
  • Supportive fit with arch compression; ribbed cuff
  • Left/right specific for an anatomical fit;...
  • Sold as a one-pair pack

Nike is definitely one of those brands that hardly leaves any room for complaints. And when you test certain products from the brand, such as the Elite 1.5 basketball socks, you know how focused it can be on versatility.

These socks offer all the benefits of a high-quality comfort footwear that is specially designed to provide maximum support and comfort during those fierce basketball games.

My Experience

The Dry Elite 1.5 Crew basketball socks from Nike have always delivered significantly well since I had first tried them on. When I bought these, I really didn’t give much thought to its overall design and weave. However, it was only after training and playing extensively in them, that I can now guarantee you of its high quality and performance.

These socks are designed to provide your feet with a good grip and superior agility. These are made of a durable fabric, pretty much like the Versatility Crew that I previously reviewed. The blend consists of polyester, cotton, Spandex, and nylon, out of which it contains a higher percentage of polyester. This makes the socks significantly resistant against considerable wear and tear on the court.

Additionally, the brand’s significant Dri-Fit technology offers a fast sweat-wicking feature for the socks. This prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and irritation that is primarily caused by sweat. And, it helps keep your feet cool and comfortable during the entire duration of the match.

A significant benefit these socks provide is that of a secure fit. The socks feature a special Y-heel stitch, which provides an ideal fit for all. This keeps the socks from slipping and sliding inside your shoes, allowing you to focus entirely on the game.

Additionally, the socks also provide an efficient compression to the arch of your sole. This primarily helps with relieving the pressure points during high jumps. It also reduces the risk of sudden pressure on your heels or ankles, ensuring comfort and safety for your feet as you land back on them.

What could have been better?

A certain issue that I have noticed with these socks is that they wrinkle a lot after you wash them. In fact, I would not recommend you to machine wash these socks or hang them out in the sun, as these may get sun-bleached, and the elasticity may reduce.

This, in my opinion, is a significant issue, given the brand name and price. And, I do hope the company rectifies this in a future version.



  • Significantly durable; can withstand regular wear and tear without ripping
  • Provides ample compression and comfort to your feet
  • Reduces the risk of injuries to the soles and heels
  • Ensures an ideal anatomical fit that prevents the socks from slipping.


  • Wrinkles and creases considerably; may get sun-bleached

4. Under Armour Men’s HeatGear

Under Armour Men's HeatGear Crew Socks (3 Pair),...
  • Athletic crew socks
  • Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away from...
  • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of...
  • Embedded arch support reduces foot fatigue
  • Seamless toe & contoured "Y" heel for the perfect,...

Under Armour is a globally recognized brand of sports-gear, that guarantees excellent quality products at all times.

The pair of socks that I’m going to tell you about is a common favorite for athletes and players. It scores significantly high on durability, offering substantial flexibility and movement controls on the court.

My Experience

I bought this pair of Under Armour socks for one of the matches in Austin, itself. Although back then, it was a quick fix, as my regular pair had worn out, these socks did give me enough reasons to put them on this list.

These Under Armour socks are made using a standard cotton and Spandex blend. This ensures sufficient breathability and comfort for you during matches. I really like the durable stitch on these socks, which provides a secure fit and efficient compression to the vital parts of your foot. This comfortable design of the socks ensures high flexibility and all the freedom of movement on the court.

As an active scorer playing in the central position, I need to have complete control over my movements. It is crucial, especially when it comes to cutting through traffic to get to the ball. These socks allow me to make sharp turns, dodge, and, most importantly, leap to the basket to score, without creating many hindrances.

The socks also offer a decent, versatile fit for most average-sized feet. These do not crumple up in anyway inside your shoes, which can otherwise cause discomfort or mess up the balance of your feet while running or jumping. Additionally, these socks also take care of your pressure points, protecting them from strain or sudden impacts.

All in all, this is a really good pair of socks that offer a bunch of practical benefits without being significantly expensive.

What could have been better?

And even though these socks perform really well for the price that they come at, my only gripe with these is the elasticity. The socks lose their elasticity comparatively faster than most other models from different brands.

This can make it difficult for you to understand when exactly to discard them. And, it could be a problem if the socks slide off during the game, which can distract you from focusing on your movements.



  • Sufficiently durable and comfortable for intense matches
  • Considerably flexible, allows you to move freely on the court
  • Offers a versatile fit for most feet
  • Provides compression to the pressure points of the feet
  • moisture wicking


May lose their elasticity faster than other models


5. Nike Performance Cushion Crew Training Socks

NIKE Unisex Performance Cushion Crew Training...
  • Dri-FIT technology helps your feet stay dry and...
  • Reinforced heel and toe for enhanced durability in...
  • Rib cuffs for a snug, comfortable fit; arch...
  • Please click on Size Chart link for men's and...

And the last one on this list is yet another pair of amazing basketball socks from Nike. By now, you must have got a clear idea of the quality and designs that Nike offers.

Additionally, the company also makes sure to deliver significantly on the specific requirements of athletes at all times. And a fantastic example of that would be these Performance Cushion Crew Training Socks from the brand, which is specially designed, keeping the requirements of tough training sessions in mind. Scoring high on the comfort factor, these socks really work to provide all the foot-support one could need while playing.

My Experience

The Performance Cushion Crew socks are one of the pairs that I’m currently using. The overall design and weave of these socks focus on providing you with the utmost comfort during those energetic games on the court.

However, in my opinion, I find these to be ideal pairs for one to train in since these don’t let your feet get all worked up and tired soon. I like wearing these to my physical training classes and basketball practices.

The one thing that these socks score really high on is providing proper compression to your feet. It efficiently guards the sensitive points on your soles, allowing you the comfort of running or jumping freely.

One other thing that really impresses me about these socks is that they offer a substantial grip. This helps me to take sharp turns on the court and land back safely on my feet without the risk of sustaining any injury to the heels and ankles.

These socks are made using a high percentage of cotton that protects your feet from sudden impacts. And, the additional nylon and Spandex mix makes these highly flexible, allowing them to match up to your natural movements. Moreover, these socks feature a reinforced heel and toe that enables it to withstand all the sudden and sharp impacts in high-traffic areas on the court.

As for the fit, these socks do well for average-sized feet. And the patented arch support stitch ensures a secure fit, keeping the socks from getting displaced during movement.

Overall, in my opinion, the socks do a commendable job of being excellent training wear for all. Also, all of these features make this pair a good option for beginners at the game. Comfort for beginners is an essential factor as they take time to get used to the techniques.

What could have been better?  

A significant flaw with these socks is that they could be a tad bit too tight for comfort. And even though they provide better compression, I do feel that there isn’t much space to let your feet breathe. But, if you are one who prefers tighter fits for your footwear, then you’re definitely gonna like these socks.



  • Provides substantial cushion comfort and compression for your feet
  • Highly flexible; allows you to move around on the court freely
  • Significantly durable reinforced structure protects feet from shocks and twists
  • A good option for beginners at the game
  • moisture wicking


  • Can be a bit too tight for some

How to find the best basketball socks

best basketball socks

I must tell you that getting the best basketball socks may be a bit challenging, especially if you didn’t know what to look out for while buying a pair.

And that’s why I’m attaching this brief buyer’s guide to help you know about all the factors that make a suitable pair of basketball socks.


Socks worn by basketball players are always thicker than the usual ones. This is because you’re required to run, sprint, leap to score a basket and cut through heavy traffic on the court while chasing the ball. All of these intense physical activities put a strain on the ligaments and muscles in your feet.

This is why these best basketball socks are designed to provide your feet with extra support. The thickness of basketball socks will primarily depend on the material it is made of. While cotton may be a tad bit on the thicker side, polyester or nylon blends may be thinner than that.

The thickness of these socks also affects your flexibility on the court. Basketball socks should be thick enough to provide comfort and support to your feet. But make sure that it doesn’t go beyond the required thickness as that can bear you down or get you uncomfortable during matches.

Cushioning and arch support

A basketball player will always know the unbelievable amount of pressure your feet have to go through during the long, continuous hours of play. The game of basketball requires you to make maximum use of your reflexes. These include making quick, sharp turns, changing directions suddenly and making swift, high jumps to score a hoop.

And all of this makes it essential for you to wear a pair of socks that have proper cushioning and arch support. These paddings can protect the sensitive pressure points from sudden impacts, which are primarily caused at the time of jumping and landing back on your feet.

Ideally, the best socks will have extra support in the heels and toes that are primarily engaged while jumping. You can also find different types of socks that feature paddings in particular areas.

Some of the commonly-used socks types are:

  • Achilles Tendon Support Socks
  • Ankle Stability Socks
  • Soft Foot Padding Socks
  • Extra Arch Support Socks
  • Extra Toe Protection Socks
  • Material
  • Moisture wicking

Nowadays, brands make most of their sports-gear using composite or “blended” materials, which usually consist of cotton and polyester. Usually, socks that are made purely out of cotton absorb sweat and may bear you down on the court. On the other hand, a polyester or nylon-cotton blend keeps it comfortable for your feet by wicking sweat fast.

Most basketball socks are specifically made using such materials to ensure complete breathability and comfort for players during the entire course of the match. Many brands, such as Nike, use a minimal percentile of Spandex that contributes to the flexibility of the weave. This coordinates well with your natural foot-movements, helping you to be agile and flexible on the court.

Additionally, the moisture-wicking feature in such socks prevents bacterial growth that otherwise causes malodor, itchiness, and redness in your feet. So, if you’re looking for basketball socks, then do make sure to choose the right material for them.

Length and Sizing

The size of the socks is an essential factor to consider since it determines the ideal fit for you. And, if your basketball socks do not fit you well, then it’s going to make you lose balance during sprints and jumps. Also, if you are wearing the wrong size of socks during such a competitive game, it could leave you with soreness and blisters on your feet.

Basketball socks are available in a wide range of different lengths and sizes. However, it goes without saying that you should definitely try out the socks before a real match to see what suits you the best. This becomes especially important for kids since they soon grow out of a pair, that makes it challenging to find the right size for them.

Some brands also provide arch-bands stitches and other supportive weaves, which make sure that your socks do not slip and slide in your shoes while you play. Basketball socks can also come in different lengths.

While some cover a little more than your ankles, others may extend right up to your shins. But, the quality and design may vary with such factors, and you do have to be mindful of that while buying a pair of quality basketball socks.


Certain basketball socks will provide you with the added benefit of compression. Not only does this provide ample support and protection to the ligaments and tissues in your feet, but it also helps to reduce pressure and swelling in those parts.

Some of the socks mentioned here do give you the benefit of compression, which lets you have maximum support and balance on the court. Additionally, socks that provide compressive pressures help prevent soreness and muscle fatigue by aiding blood circulation in those parts. These also help you increase your overall endurance during matches.

If you are looking to buy a pair of basketball socks for intense training and vital matches, such as a tournament, then I’d always suggest you to consider this option.


Can you wear two pairs of socks while playing basketball?

Some players who may have larger feet, at times, can wear two pairs of socks while playing basketball. This may provide more support, helping with a foot lockdown. Also, double pairs of socks are often worn as an ankle brace, where the player may wear a thinner pair underneath a thicker one. This provides ample comfort and support to your ankle, keeping it from twisting.

Can compression socks be worn all the time?

Certain socks that come with a bit more padding can provide adequate compression. This provides enough support and protection from sharp impacts that may dislocate an ankle. Additionally, compressive socks also help reduce sore muscles by facilitating blood circulation.

However, even with these benefits, it’s not advisable to wear compression socks all the time, since these can make your muscles stiff if worn for really long hours.

Why do NBA players wear long socks?

Some long socks extend up to the shins, and they protect those regions from sudden impacts. But, such long socks may also be worn by the players as a fashion statement or a uniform code. The length of the socks usually determines the overall fit, and they may provide a better, more secure fit than standard ones.


So that was it for my extensive guide on some of the best basketball socks you can get for yourself right now. I hope I was able to give you a useful insight into the subject.

There’s no rocket-science behind selecting the ideal pair of socks for yourself. But, when it’s basketball, all you gotta do is be well-informed about the things you wear.

And, that’s what I’ve tried to help you with in this guide.

Here’s wishing you all the success in your upcoming game!

Till next time!