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Do you have a friend, kid or relative that you are looking to surprise with a basketball related gift? Well, I understand it’s a confusing and tedious process. Lucky for you I have put together a hand-picked list of the best basketball gifts for players and fans. Chances are that they will love whichever product you will choose.

Sable Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop

Best basketball gifts for kids - Basketball pool hoop

This inflatable basketball hoop is the perfect gift for kids or teenagers. The package comes with a small basketball that fits the hoop. This basketball hoop is easy to inflate and deflate, you don’t even require a pump to set it up. Besides, it is a great hoop for small and large pools as well. I am sure this is a gift that any kid or teenager who is obsessed with basketball will love. Moreover, the inflatable hoop will give the kids something to play with whenever they are in the pool. It is definitely a gift that will not drain your pocket as it’s fairly priced.

Katop Garage RoofMount Basketball Hoop System

Outdoor basketball hoop mounted to garage

I am pretty sure a garage roof-mount basketball hoop system will be the perfect gift for your buddy. Almost every basketball player wishes to have a hoop for practicing around the driveway. You can be sure that this gift will blow away your friend or relative. Although you will have to part with a few hundred dollars, this hoop system is durable. Besides, installing it on the roof is pretty straightforward. Keep in mind that this is a higher end gift, so this is not for everybody. If you would like to check out some cheaper hoops we have a whole collection of those here: Best in-ground basketball hoop.

Ball Hog – Hand Grip Strengthener

Basketball grip trainer

The ball hog is the perfect gift for a player who is looking for a basketball training aid. The Ball Hog Gloves will take your friend’s ball handling skills a notch higher. With this training aid, you will enjoy watching your friend passing, catching, and shooting the ball like a professional. You better gift this hand grip strengthener to your pal if you want him to develop stronger hands, wrists, fingers, and forearms. It is considered ideal for players between ages 11 to 25.

The tool isn’t only a well fit for basketball players, but overall everyone that is into sports or strength training. I know I struggled with my grip, I tried to learn an advanced form of pull-ups, but my underarm/grip strength was too weak. I used a similar training aid like this one and I know they work!

Wallniture Sporta Ball Holder

Basketball orgainziser gift

Your friend or family member will definitely appreciate if you buy them a ball holder. Of course, it is a simple gift, but it will go a long way to help the player organize his or her room. Your friend can install it in the living room, bedroom, or garage. Most players will actually use a ball holder to display an autographed souvenirs or a special trophy ball. There is no doubt that the Wallnitue Sports ball holder will help revamp your pal’s home décor.

Daily Fresh Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes for boys camo

Come to think of it, is there anyone who would really hate to have 3 or more pairs of basketball shoes? Probably even 10 will be better. So, why don’t you go ahead and surprise your buddy with a pair of Daily Fresh basketball shoes. These shoes feature a brand new design which will definitely blow away any basketball fan. The sole has also been designed with nice shock absorbing properties. You just have to choose a good color and you’ll be good to go.

Natural Art Basketball Sports Themed Canvas Wall Art

basketball wall posts

Wall art has always been considered to be inspirational. With that in mind, a basketball-themed canvas wall art will be a perfect gift for any kid who loves the game. The kid will obviously draw his inspiration from this hand-painted canvas painting. Apart from that, the Natural Basketball Sports-themed wall art is designed to make your living space jovial and dynamic. Any player would like to have such a contemporary art in their living room, bedroom or even at the dining room.

Ambesonne Sports Décor Curtains

curtains in basketball

Sometimes it is always good to think out of the box when looking for gifts. Don’t always buy the obvious things. Surprise your mate or kid with the Ambesonne Basketball-themed Décor curtains. Such a curtain will transform a player’s room into a private sanctuary. The good thing is the curtains are made from high-quality fabric that provides an elegant look. Nothing feels better than being surrounded by decorations and images you like.

Check out the curtains, if you think your friend or family won’t like this specific design then just take a look at some other options. The idea is a curtain, but you can purchase pillows, sheets etc in basketball design as well, choose what you think will be the most suiting.

3D Illusion Basketball Night Light Lamp – Best basketball gifts

basketball light lamp

Don’t you think a kid or teenager will appreciate if you gift them this 3D illusion basketball lamp? It is pretty gorgeous especially when placed on the study table or even when placed somewhere in the bedroom. This gift will certainly help to make a player’s room more appealing than you would ever imagine. Guests won’t help but stare to this 3D illusion lamp as it is designed to change colors depending on how you set it. Any teen or kid basketball fan will treasure such a gift.

Michael Jordan: The Life by Roland Lazenby

How about buying the Michael Jordan: The Life by Roland Lazenby? It is a book that ranks up there and it will come through for you if you are looking to surprise a friend with a cool gift. Any teenager or a senior player looks up to legends such as Michael Jordan. Now imagine surprising them with a book that will inform them about the life of the famous Michael Jordan. A player will definitely appreciate having a book that covers Jordan’s career in detail.

NightMatch Light Up Basketball

Best basketball gifts for boyfriend

The NightMatch Light Up basketball is something that any teen will appreciate and treasure. As you well know, very many youths love playing basketball at night. A ball that glows will definitely increase the fun of playing at night. Besides, this ball is just like any other and will light on impact. At least players can enjoy the game without worrying about the ball getting lost.

Are you searching: Basketball gifts for boyfriend and struggling to find something suiting? If so, this is a great option. If you want to invest a bit more money you could include the Michael Jordans book, including those two and you a great gift for your basketball boyfriend.

Giveuwant 3D Sports Basketball Duvet

Basketball bead sheets

The Giveuwant 3D is a duvet cover that is perfectly designed for basketball fans. If your kid loves the sport, then you shouldsurprise him or her with such as an amazing duvet. Your kid will be happy sleeping in a comfortable basketball atmosphere. In fact! This duvet cover will influence the kid’s passion of playing basketball and I am pretty sure he or she will dream of becoming an elite player one day. Moreover, once you purchase this duvet, you will get 1 pillow case and 1 duvet cover set.

GoSports Basketball Xtaman Dummy Defender Training Mannequin

Basketballl defender poster

The GoSports Xtraman Mannequin is one of the best basketball training aids for players. This product was developed in collaboration with professional coaches and players in order to deliver a training aid that helps newbies improve their shooting abilities. This mannequin simulates the body of a defender, which means the player must elevate his shots. I suppose xtraman will be the perfect gift for any person who wants to play basketball.

Finding the best basketball gifts for boys or girls can be a hard task, but I personally think that this is one of the best options you could choose from. If you dont agree then please follow along because we got a several other creative basketball gifts lined up.

AKA Basketball Dribble Trainer

Basketball dribble aid gift

Is your son eager to learn how to dribble and play basketball like a professional? Well, it is high time you gift him with the AKA Basketball Dribble Trainer. This is a great training aid for teen players who are looking to take their dribbling skills a notch higher. The AKA dribble trainer has flexible sticks that simulate the arms of a defender. Your kid can use this training aid in the basement, driveway, garage, and gym.  Besides, it comes in a cool storage bag and it is easy to set up.

Basketball Hoodie – Great basketball gift for both boys and girls

good gifts for girls

Surprise your girlfriend with this warm and cozy B-ball hoodie. It is available in many colors, so you just have to choose the color that she loves most. It is a high-quality hood that is made of cotton and polyester. Besides, this hoodie will keep her warm when watching big games or even when warming up for a pregame. I am pretty sure your girlfriend would love this fitting hoodie.

The Mug With A Hoop – Best basketball gift for girls

Gifting your friend or relative a unique basketball gift will go a long way to strengthen your relationship. This is why you should consider this mug with a hoop as a good gift. Everyone owns a special mug, but not one that has a hoop. Try gifting your mate with this unique mug and see how he or she will be pleased. Kids will actually enjoy slam Dunkin marshmallows, cereal, and lunch oyster crackers into the integrated miniature basketball hoop.

Basketball Charm Bracelet

Basketball bracelet

Everyone wants to wear a charm bracelet that shows off something of interest. This is why you should think of offering a basketball charm bracelet to your friend, relative, or kid who loves watching basketball. This bracelet allows players to show off their sports team spirit. The good thing is that it’s adjustable from 5 inches to 7 inches.  Any female basketball player will appreciate having such an awesome charm bracelet.

MadSportsStuff Performance Basketball Socks – Best basketball gift under 10$

Basketball socks

Socks used to be considered as boring presents from your grandparents. Not anymore! Today you can find high-performance basketball socks from big brands. These socks are ideal for all style-conscious basketball players. You can gift them to your close friend and they will really appreciate it. This particular pair of socks are designed to improve traction, wick away sweat, and increase comfort. Any young basketball player will be happy to own a pair of the stylish MadSportsStuff Baller Basketball socks.

UNK NBA Men’s Mesh Basketball Shorts


Of course every single basketball lover owns two or more pairs of shorts. In fact, having more pairs of shorts will do no harm. This is why you should also consider purchasing the UNK NBA Men’s Basketball shorts and use them as a gift. The good thing about these shorts is that they are available in various brands. You just have to choose a team that whoever you want to gift the short to loves. This pair of shorts is pretty comfortable thus making it ideal for everyday use.

RAAVIN Legend Basketball Jersey

bast basketball gifts for girls - basketball shirt

Every kid and teenager who loves basketball would love to rock in the Jordan Jersey. The #23 Jersey is available in sizes S-XL meaning that it can fit kids with 6 to 14 years old. It is a high-quality jersey that attracts a lot of attention. As a parent, you can gift this Jordan jersey right before his first game. He will obviously enjoy the game knowing that he is wearing an iconic jersey. This jersey is ideal for basketball play and daily wear as well.

RAAVIN Jogger Pants

We all know what kind of pants basketball players like to wear. It goes without saying that fans and players will appreciate nice jogger pants. The RAAVIN jogger pants allow players and fans to showcase their loyalty to the game, and also to the team they love so much. These pants can be worn during workouts and leisure activities. Besides, jogger pants have become an integral part of youth’s fashion. Just pick the right color and present it to your kid or friend as a gift.

Nike Swoosh Headband

Why don’t you prepare your kid to become the star he dreams of by buying him the Nike Swoosh Headband? Well, it is a simple gift but it will boost the looks of your kid. Just picture him having a Nike swoosh headband and a full basketball kit. Of course, it will look great on him. It will also help him up to his swag and confidence on the pitch. These headbands are available in different colors, you just have to pick your favorite.

KnitPopShop Basketball Tumbler Cup

The KnitPopShop tumbler cup features high-quality stainless steel construction. It comes with a nice orange and black basketball finish. This is no other ordinary mug, a basketball fan will love its finish as well as its purpose. For your information, this vacuum tumbler cup has a 30 Oz capacity and it will maintain the coldness and hotness of any drink. In addition, it comes with a closable lid and a straw hole- this makes it great for attending basketball games, traveling, practice and driving. 

E-FirstFeeling Tote Bag

Do you have a tight friend who loves watching or playing basketball? Well, why don’t you get her a tote bag? Of course, I am not talking about any other tote bag, I am referring to the E-FirstFeeling to be precise. This awesome tote bag comes with some nice basketball-themed prints. It is the perfect gift for moms who enjoy the basketball game. I can assure you that whoever you gift this tote bag will always carry it everywhere. E-FirstFeeling is ideal for ball games, shopping, traveling, and sports activities.

Under Armour 6” Performance Wristband

If you are still looking for something cheap to gift a basketball player, you might consider purchasing the Under Armour Wristband. It costs less than 10 dollars but it will go a long way to increase the passion of a basketball player. These wristbands can be worn on the elbow to prevent injuries when a player falls down. They are available in 4 colors and have the Under Armour embroidered logos. Your friend will definitely appreciate if you surprise him with these wristbands.

SKLZ Quick Ladder – Best basketball gift under 100$

Best basketball team gifts

Basketball players require to develop explosive power, good footwork, and speed. The only way to achieve this is by using a flat rung ladder. This is why you should purchase the SKLZ quick ladder and gift it to your friend. It will help them improve their physical dexterity, coordination, and strength. With this quick ladder, your friend will be in a better position to improve balance and practice change of direction. Besides, this product is durable, dependable, and affordable.

This is one of the best basketball team gifts you can choose from, everyone in the team can use this before or after practice to improve their physical skills.

Goalrilla Basketball Net System

My list would not be complete if I failed to include a defensive net system. Not everyone can afford to buy this net, but it will definitely be one of the best gifts for basketball players. This defensive net helps players save time as they won’t have to chase the basketball into the streets or bushes. At least, a player can concentrate on more important things such as shooting, ball handling, and others. Besides, this rebound net will help the player to develop better retention skills.

Chance Premium Kids Basketball

In case you haven’t found something beautiful to surprise a kid who loves playing basketball, then you might consider looking at the Chance basketball. It is one of the best basketballs for teens and kids. I am pretty sure any teenager will fall in love with its orange camo shade. This color is unique and will definitely stand out. In terms of grip, quality, and pressure, the Chance basketball does not disappoint. Don’t hesitate to gift this ball to a boy who loves the game.

NBA Cooltime Lunch Kit

It is absolutely normal to run out of ideas when it comes to gifts. However, there are so many items you can gift to a basketball fan. This includes the Officially licensed NBA Cooltime Lunch Kit. Come to think of it, basketball players also need to carry some food and they will really appreciate if their friends got them a lunch kit. The good thing is that these lunch kits come with different team names which include: Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Laker, Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder.

MB ALL-STAR Kids Backpack

This is another gift idea that you might have missed. The MB All-STAR kids backpack comes with an awesome 3D Basketball Soccer Sport design that will blow away your son. This bag is made from 100% polyester, meaning that it will last for a very long time. It comes with several compartments that are large enough to hold your kids belongings. The Straps can be adjusted to enhance comfort. Your kid will feel like an NBA player all day long!

SKLZ MagnaCoach Clipboard – Best basketball gifts for coaches

The other perfect gift you can give to a basketball player is the SKLZ MagnaCoach Dry-Erase Clipboard. It helps keep track of personal fouls and other key stats. Of course, a player might not use it the same way a coach would do. However, a player can hang it somewhere in his room and use it to analyze his game. This clipboard is well built and it erases way too easily.

AceList Crash Proof Knee Pads

The last gift idea in this roundup post happens to be the AceList Crash Proof Knee Pads. As the name suggests, these knee pads are meant to offer protection to the knees and shin. Moreover, basketball players can also use them as elbow pads. These knee pads are tight, breathable and form-fitting. You will obviously be getting value for money when you purchase the AceList knee pads.


Well, I have compiled a very long list of products that make good gifts for basketball players. So, if you thought your options were limited, now you have more than 25 products to choose from, if none of those were tempting to purchase I am sure these basketball goggles dos the trick. There are so many products that I could have included, but I had to choose the unique ones first. I will keep my list updated in case you want to come back here and look for more gift ideas. Hope the list of best basketball gifts helped you!