5 Best Basketball Compression Pants With Knee Pads in 2020

Using the best basketball compression pants with knee pads can save you from a lot of injuries and pain. Whether you are looking for an open shot in the court or you are chasing down your opponent to end a fast break play, there is a high likelihood that you will have a few falls as a regular basketball player. It is, therefore, necessary that every basketball player be fit and that they take necessary protective measures to prevent themselves from getting injuries.

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Our #1 Rated


adidas Men's Basketball Padded Three-Quarter...
The Adidas Compression pants are the pair I use most often, I absolutely love it. It`s comfortable, has a great fit and is even cheap.
Our #1 Rated


The Adidas Compression pants are the pair I use most often, I absolutely love it. It`s comfortable, has a great fit and is even cheap.

Best For Kids


COOLOMG Basketball Pants with Knee Pads for Kids...
These are the best selling compression pants on amazon, and that is for a good reason! With these, you have great protection for the knees and they even have sizes that fits great for kids and teenagers

Best For Kids


These are the best selling compression pants on amazon, and that is for a good reason! With these, you have great protection for the knees and they even have sizes that fits great for kids and teenagers

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BLINDSAVE 3/4 Tights with Knee Padding | Shock...
If you aim for quality then these are the pants for you! These are absolutely delightful, but it comes at a cost.

Premium Option


If you aim for quality then these are the pants for you! These are absolutely delightful, but it comes at a cost.

Basketball Compression pants with knee pads reviewed and rated

Now, having understood what basketball compression pants with knee pads and what benefits they give, you may be wondering which basketball compression pants with knee pads are going to provide you with the most benefits. The following are the five best products that have remained competitive in the market for a long period of time.

1. Blindsave 3/4 Tights with Knee Padding

If you are in search of pants that will cover your legs below the knees, I would advise you go for Blindsave 3/4 Tights with Knee Padding. The pants are loved because of the following features.

Thin and Light

Blindsave product has up to 40% thinner padding that will allow you to remain active without feeling like you are carrying extra weight.

The manufacturer of blind save did extensive testing to find the best position and shape of the pants with knee pads. Unlike other brands, they use a spherical shape padding with an aim to perfect fit for the knee pads. Because of this, you will experience a lot higher level of comfort which is a key factor.

Shock Absorbing

Blind save is designed to improve the shock absorbing level. The manufacturer of blindsave took advantage of modern technologies to offer you a better absorption of shock. This makes you feel safer while playing in the basketball court. According to the manufacturer, blindsave pants have an improvement of up to 20% when compared to other pants.


These compression pants prove you with a full range of movement making them perfect for sports like basketball. The best thing about these pants is that you cant feel the extra paddings, it’s just like wearing normal compression pants.

Moreover, the pants are very ergonomic, flexible, and extremely comfortable. These properties provide a better level of compression. The unique features of these pants, especially the ergonomic design increases your comfortability level.

Adjusting to Body

When the temperature reaches 36.6-37C, the fabric used to make the Blindsave padding becomes softer and adjusts to your body shape. Once the padding has molded around your body, it stays in place and hence allows you to be comfortable while in action.

Premium Quality

In terms of quality, Blindsave ¾ pants conform to the highest quality standards. Blindsave production is based on raw materials and products that are handcrafted locally. Working together with scientists have enabled the manufacturers of Blindsave to produce safety level and premium products.

Also, the material used in making Blindsave ¾ pants with knee pads provides an improved level of compression. The aesthetic appeal of the material comes with other functionalities such as shape retention, quick-drying properties, and maximum comfort. Overall it’s one of the best compression pants with knee pads out there, I highly suggest you check them out.

2. McDavid 748X Teflx ¾ Length

McDavid 748X Teflx ¾ is designed to provide ultra-durable resistance. The tights are designed to suit the hard floor of the basketball court withstanding repeated skids and scuffs on all surfaces.

The material that makes McDavid 748X what it is, is the 9mm Hex Technology which is flexible, lightweight and breathable.

McDavid 748X Teflx ¾ is made from hDc Moisture Management Technology which makes them offer both drying and cooling effect. This is a must have you are going to wear compression pants indoors, without the breathable material you would get very uncomfortable and sweaty which could result in blisters.

If you are an aggressive basketball player who needs regular protection from bruises and bangs. This is a pair of pants you should consider.

These pair of pants are used by pro players such as Derrick Rose and several others. I am sure you will enjoy its features, and comfy fit, if not you can always take use of their guarantee.

3. Adidas Men’s Basketball Padded Three-Quarter Tights

Adidas Men’s Basketball Padded Three-Quarter Tights is another pair of compression pants that can be very helpful to your basketball game life. This is the best option to go for if you are looking for a comfortable, durable, high-performance and flexible compression pants with pads.

Adidas is specifically concerned with the specific needs of its customers and hence carry out intensive research to ensure their customers get the best quality products.

The pants are 22.5” inseam. Adidas Men’s Basketball Padded Three-Quarter Tights are best used during cold weather. The pants keep the cold out of the body and prevent the leg muscles from becoming too tight in the course of a game.

Adidas Men’s Basketball Padded Three-Quarter Tights are made up of 25% spandex and 75% polyamide to increase elasticity. They are also designed to support the muscles of the knee and minimize muscle vibration for effective ventilation and cooling. This feature is achieved by inserting a mesh into the padding.

The fabric is climactic to provide moisture and heat management through ventilation. The padding on the knee allows you to aggressively drive to the rim as it absorbs impact and pressure from the attackers.

Adidas is a trusted brand which has proved itself to be competitive in the market for many years. It has gained popularity among many game players and especially, the basketball players who need reliable compression pants with pads.

4. Jellybro Men’s Compression Pants

This brand of pants offers a high end elastic cushioning system that provides you with more protection and flexibility. The fabric used to make these pants is polyester and Eva emulsion which increases the durability and lessens smelling in case of excessive sweating. Its antimicrobial and odor-resistant properties help in increasing the lifespan of the compression pants and padding.

The material used to make the padding is waterproof, lightweight and up to 10 mm thick which gives you protection in the key areas such as the knees and thighs.

5. COOLOMG Basketball Pants with Knee Pads – Best for Kids

The coolomg was designed for young adults and children. The pants come in seven colors and five sizes. The fabric used to make them is 85% polyester and 15% spandex. This makes them elastic and breathable hence more comfortable.

The pants are ¾ in size and come with an anti-slip band that fastens them in position during the basketball game. Coolomg pants come with side mesh pocket. The pants are light and thin making one feel like wearing a second skin.

The padding on the knees effectively protects the top of the tibia, patella and the knees. The mesh stitching is designed to minimize the surface friction on places where your kids sweat a lot.

Coolomg Basketball Pants with Knee Pads have a wide waistband which minimizes tension and increases comfort after the game. The coolomg compression pants with pads have ergonomic flat seams and 3D flexibility which ensures movement allowance and reduces the formation of abrasions and pressure points.

These pants are the best for your kids since the padding remains in place despite the activeness of the child. They are fit for basketball games and any form of exercising.

In case you are a parent who is seeking quality pants for your kids, this brand is one to go for. Coolomg compression tights offer guaranteed quality. Moreover, in case your pants have quality problems, you can exchange them and request for a refund.

What are basketball compression pants with pads?

With the rigorous demands of a full-court basketball game in mind, manufacturers crafted the best products to suit the intense work of basketball players. Basketball compression pants with knee pads are compression pants with the added protection that protect the player from injury and also hastens the process of healing of an existing wound through adding protection to them.

The price of these compression pants varies a lot, but I would recommend you to get compression pants with sufficient protection to get the effect you would want from them.

Basketball compression pants with knee pad consist of a foam-based cushioning and an elastic sleeve that holds on to the knee of the player. Compression pants are made with a flexible type of fabric. It’s essential to ensure that the materials you choose are made of breathable elastic material to maximize your comfort during the games.

The pants are available in different sizes, colors, and special features. They are also different designs for men, women as well as kids.

The purpose of the knee pads varies from that of the braces and the sleeves. The knee pads offer support to the knees with an aim to soften the external impact from the opposing basketball players or any hard surface. They give the player the confidence to attack with an added sense of security.

With a rising increase in the use of compression pants, the sport that has seen the biggest increase in their use is basketball. Basketball players in an NBA game wear the compression pants underneath their uniform shorts.

Benefits of using compression pants

Basketball player wearing compression pants with knee pads

Here are some of the benefits you will get from wearing compression pants with knee pads.

Increased Protection

Basketball compression pants with pads give the legs protection against injuries while the player is on the court. This is because, your thighs, hips, and tailbone are highly likely to be injured while playing basketball.

That is why they are designed with great attention to these parts. Therefore, if you are prone to different kinds of injuries, basketball compression pants with knee pads are the way to go.

Increased Power & Better Jumping Ability

Want more power during games and better jumping ability? Compression pants with knee pads may help improve jumping performance after endurance events. They make it easier to regain maximum jumping ability after a workout. This is essential for players especially when looking to get back into the court.

The reason for this is the material used, the compression of the pants is responsible for these added effects.

Accelerate the healing process

Knee injuries are not as common as a rolled ankle, but a knee injury can be a lot worse. If you already have a knee injury you should still use these compression pants in order to keep the injured knee protected and take advantage of the benefits of the compression.

In addition to this, the basketball compression pants with pads provide terrific muscular support to the knee.

They keep the muscles of the knee and the entire leg in close alignment hence increasing the player’s performance.

They help increase the flow of blood to the specified muscles hence reduce the recovery time for players.

Reduction of Skin Irritation

Another benefit that basketball players get from using these pants is the reduction of skin irritation and chafing especially around the groin area and between the thighs. This is through improved blood circulation and oxygen transportation in the legs.

Increased blood circulation aids in minimizing muscle soreness and removing lactate from the muscles. It also increases the use of energy through reduction of the muscle oscillation while playing which improves performance in the game. Increased circulation of the lymphatic fluid eliminates substances like lactic acid from the legs which is responsible for faster soreness and cramping.

Maintain body temperature and Wicking

Researchers have confirmed that tight compression pants are able to keep the temperature of the skin constantly high even when working out in the cold.

Basketball compression pants knee pads are made from special fabrics which maintain the warmth of the muscles and keep them dry during a game or a workout. Moreover, the technology used in making the knee pads fabric material includes temperature regulation and moisture management making the fabric.

Through the use of Body Adjust Technology (BAT), the basketball compression pants knee pads adjust to the body of the player. In addition, the compression pant is designed to “wick” sweat away from the body through evaporation, which is beneficial for a general cooling aspect.

Confidence Booster

The basketball compression pants with knee pads are fashionable and hence makes you look and feel good.  This boosts your confidence and consequently your performance. Some players can be scared of hurting their knees again as well and breaking up the recovered injury, by having a layer of protection you will often feel more secure which can help you to go harder in the battles instead of fearing them.

Higher levels of Oxygen to the Muscles

Muscles require a high amount of oxygen for better performance. The increased flow of lymphatic fluid to the muscles leads to an increased amount of oxygen being supplied to these muscles. This increases your activeness in the court and reduces fatigue. When compression pants boost blood circulation to your muscles and minimize muscle fatigue, knee pads add stability to the vulnerable tailbone and knees. The pants also lower potential soreness this by either delaying or reducing the soreness of the muscles.

Additional protection

Compression pants with knee pads provide extra protection against physical contact with the opponent or a hard floor. These basketball compression pants with knee pads position the muscles and maintain them in the correct position reducing the risk of strains and pulls.
Other injuries can include scrapes, scratches and bruising.

Maintenance of your Basketball Compression Pants with Pads

picture of a basketball hoop and basketball

Just like any other personal belonging that you value highly, compression pants require the utmost care. Basketball compression pants with pads need proper care and maintenance to increase their lifespan and durability. Have you wanted to have better maintenance of your basketball compression pants with pads but was not sure of how to, consider embracing the following methods.


Washing the pants aids in restoring the elastic property of the fabric. Washing also removes dirt, bacteria, oils and dead skin cells on the pants. Washing with a machine or hands will depend upon your preference.

While hand washing, avoid agitation or extra stretching. Wash with cool water and squeeze out water from the fabric by rolling dry in a towel.

If washing using a machine, place the pants in a mesh lingerie bag. This ensures that your compression pants are not stretched unnecessarily. Use cold water and cycle gently.


While washing, use mild detergents or soaps. These are free of laundry addictive, bleach, clothes softeners and chlorine which can be harmful to the fabric.


Basketball compression pants with pads should be dried inside. Drying them in a dryer or outside leads to extra heat which can damage or weaken the elastic fiber of the pants.

Avoid exposing your pants to direct sunlight or direct source of heat. Do not hang the pants but place them on a towel on a drying rack. The weight of the water on the pants while hanged can affect the elastic property of the fabric. Therefore, cool dry is best to avoid causing damage to the design of your compression pants.

If you have invested your precious savings into a pair of compression pants you need to make sure to take proper care of them as well. Start taking care of them today and you’ll be surprised how long they will serve you.

Factors to consider before purchasing basketball compression pants with pads

picture of basketball

When choosing the best basketball compression pants with pads, there are many factors to put into consideration. This will be dependent on your needs, budget, and availability.

The following is a list of factors you should make sure you have ticked before purchasing your basketball compression pants with pads


Pick the right length that suits your requirements. There are full-length compression pants with pads as well as ¾ compression pants with pads.

Full-length pants come down all the way to the shoes. They provide extra warmth and cover to your legs. They also provide added warmth at the ankles.

On the other hand, ¾ compression pants with pads leave space for the players who wear long basketball socks. They cover the upper part of the leg to the shin. Since they do not bunch up at the shoes, the ¾ pants look much more fashionable.

It is, therefore, the most preferred length by basketball players since it does not cover the whole of their legs. However, you should make the purchase depending on your specific needs.

Material and durability

When purchasing your basketball compression pants with pad, consider the material that is used to make them.

Most of these pants with pads are made up of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. Pants with a high amount of elastic material (spandex) are more stretchable. The material used to make the pants can also differ in thickness.

Pick the best thickness that will suit your ventilation and warmth needs. For example, the Nike Hyper warm feature a heavier and thicker material which stores much more warmth while the Nike Pro Tights are made up of a tightly-woven material that allows for good cooling and ventilation.


Your size is a very important factor to consider. You do not have to tense about choosing your sizes since most manufacturers offer charts illustrating how to choose the right size based on the thickness of your thigh.

Though picking the right size of your compression pants with pads can be tricky, I never had a problem picking my right size. Your basketball compression pants with pads should be tight enough to allow the required level of compression, and wide enough not to restrict the flow of blood in your legs.

Ensure to pick your size after considering the width and the height of the thigh. Pick your usual size, unless the manufacturer recommends otherwise.

While purchasing your basketball compression pants with pads, ensure the seams are stitched well to prevent them from ripping off easily. Once you consider all the above factors, you will find yourself with the best pants ever.


Gone are the days when your performance at the basketball court was determined by how bruised your knees were during the previous game. With the advance in technology, better products have been developed to ensure your safety and comfort while in the basketball court. Do not let an injury slow you down nor lower your performance in the game when you can get yourself a pair of basketball compression pants with pads to keep you in the game and beyond.

If you find your knees aching after a basketball game even after wearing comfortable shoes, then you need a basketball compression pants knee pads. Whether you are trying to an existing injury to your knee, or just trying to prevent one from occurring in the first place, basketball compression pants with pads carry a wide variety of cushioning with basketball players in mind.

Now that you are informed, you should choose the best compression pants with knee pads that suit your needs as well as your budget. The knee pads are specifically designed to absorb impact against the opponent or a hard floor of the court giving youth freedom of motion for jumping and running.

It is important that you take your basketball game as well as your personal recovery to the next bracket level by having one of these basketball compression pants knee pads. Stay safe without the need to sacrifice your quickness, flexibility, and strength with basketball compression pants with knee pads.

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